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ASUS EeePad Transformer Android Tablet Review!

Finally, I’ve got hands on the ASUS EeePad Transformer Android tablet, mainly because I wanted a device that would replace my old EeePC netbook plus the ability to use it as a tablet device when the keyboard is not needed. For business users, the Transformer makes perfect sense as it can completely replace your old netbook and also let you have a tablet device in hand.

Another great part about the Transformer is that there’s a big development community going on now, there’s already many ROMs you can try out, nevermind the ability to add fully-native

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Elocity A10 Android Tablet Review!

One of the better 10.1 inch Android tablets I saw at CES 2011 was the Elocity A10. Not that many other bloggers covered this hidden gem but it’s very, very thin and a high-performing Android tablet that will be available real soon, not months away.  In fact, I plan to pre-order this next Monday when pre-orders start on January 18th.

Elocity A10 Specs

The Elocity A10 Android ta

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Eee Pad Slider Android Tablet Review!

With an outrageous number of Android tablets being launched this year(I think at least a 100!), consumers will have a hard time choosing which one is for them and probably wondering what is the best Android tablet to buy.  Btw, last year was the year of 3D HDTVs, this year’s obviously year of Android tablets.

Another factor you should remember is that many will fail (in my opi

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Eee Pad MeMo Android Tablet Review!

The very first device launched before even CES 2011 started was ASUS’s Eee Pad MeMo.  Of course, many you might have seen this elsewhere already but we decided to wait until CES was over to give you a comparable between other tablet devices launched.

So, CES 2011 is officially over as of yesterday and our verdict?

Eee Pad MeMO still ranks up high on our Top 5 Best of CE

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Review!

At CTIA 2010 San Francisco, I had the chance to hands-on review the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet, and it’s simply amazing piece of hardware.

The 7-inch Galaxy Tab comes loa

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Malata 10-inch Android Tablet with 1080P HDMI Output! [iPad Killer?]


Seems like there’s going to be a lot of great Android Tablets by end of the year (as I’ve pointed out in my Android Tablet Prototype Review)such as this Malata 10-inch Android Tablet, which does a whole lot more than an iPad with a USB, 1080P HDMI output, and more.

We don’t know for sure if this Malata Android tablet will ever get to the market but it sure is a sign that there’s going to be a slew of great iPad Killers at lower pr

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Archos 7 Android Tablet Review!

(Whoo hoo, I got my first Android Tablet!)

So, I got the Archos 7 Android Tablet the couple days ago and I’ve had plenty time to play with it to give you a good hands-on review.

First, let me say the Archos 7 Android Tablet is a great portable media device that will let you surf the web, watch YouTube videos, and also play your favorite Avi, MOV, MP4, and even DivX movies.

Great Media Player, perhaps the best on the market

The highlight of Arch

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Archos 7 Android Tablet Review, Now Available for Pre-Order on Amazon!

I have actually been shopping for a new Android Tablet recently after I covered the Android Tablet running Flash the other day.  The best candidate seems to be pointing at Archos 7, which has already been released in Europe.   (It’s available for pre-order in the U.S., launch date

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Android Multi-Touch Tablet Prototype Hands-on Review! [Web 2.0 Expo]

Today, I was at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco as soon as it was open (as I blogged about it several hours before).  Upon walking around the exhibit floor, I quickly found Adobe.

Oddly, they were displaying all smartphones such as Google’s Android phone like Nexus One, Droid and the Palm Pre but nowhere was an iPhone nor iPad to be found.

(Sorry, Apple, no free lunch for you at Adobe’s booth this time!)

Upon closer look, I found Adobe had one of the Google Android Tablet prototype running Android OS 2.1 (I believe).

The Google Andr

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