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Android Tablet Hacks – How to Make Your Own DIY Android Tablet!

For those of you who want to make your own multi-touch Android Tablet, you can get the Liquidware’s Beagle Embedded Starter Kit, which comes loaded with pretty much all you need plus 4GB pre-formatted SD card to boot Angstrom Linux.

The kit contains everything needed to bring up Linux on a portable touchscreen device. With a 4.3” OLED touchscreen that mounts directly on the BeagleBoard, the BeagleTouch reduces the need for several peripherals and a mess of wires. Serial communication

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Android Tablet Hack – How to Install GMail, GoogleMaps, and Android Market on Archos 5!

For those of you who got the Archos 5, there’s an easy way to install GMail, GoogleMaps, and Android Market onto your Archos 5.   I have no idea why Archos even decided to not put Google apps as default (as they are the highlight of getting an Android device) but no worries, just install it yourself in couple easy steps.

1. Update your Archos 5 to the latest firmware by downloading the latest firmware here.

2. Download the Recovery Image file of HTC’s “recovery”

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