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Kindle 2 Text-to-Speech feature is Too Good?

Kindle 2 may have its faults and it may be that the text-to-speech feature is too good that authors who sell audiobooks might be at loss as it’s a billion dollar business.

What do I have to say on that?  Well, it’s not a bad thing, audiobooks simply have to go now, good bye old technology!

Get the Amazon Kindle 2 at the Kindle 2 Store here.


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Amazon Kindle 2 Video Review!


Here’s a nice video explanation of the Amazon Kindle 2.

One thing I like about this Kindle 2 is the fact that Amazon hooked up with Sprint’s EDVO network to launch the free wireless 3G connection to the Kindle 2.

The only disadvantage to Kindle 2 may be attributed to the fact that people have to actually buy the electronic books, sorta like Apple App store.  This may save trees but I wish there’s a way for people can “trade” the books they’ve bought, sorta like real books.  (Well, that mig

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Crackberry DIY – How to Turn Your BlackBerry Bold or Storm Into a Kindle/E-Book!

Amazon Kindle may be the new kid on the block but if you got a Blackberry Storm or Bold, you might as well get one of these E-book app Mobipocket to turn your Blackberry into somewhat like a Kindle.

Of course, Kindle does have power advantages over a Blackberry such as the LCD but the point is that you don’t need the Kindle if you have a Blackberry.

On the sidenote,

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Re-Make Hack – How to Hack the Esquire E-Ink Module into a Clock!

One of the most recent Esquire magazine comes with an E-ink module, that proves itself useless after you read the magazine.

The guys at Hackaday went really far into hacking this E-ink module to use it as a clock.  Now, that’s a good re-use, why waste technology?


If you’ve never heard about electronic paper, crawl out from under that rock and read up on the Sony Reader and the

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Amazon’s Wireless E-book – The Amazon Kindle!


Here’s a cool wireless E-book from Amazon, the Amazon Kindle.  The Amazon Kindle allows you to access the Amazon store via its EDVO connection (meaning you don’t have to connect to WiFi) and buy books that will get downloaded to your Kindle.

I think you can say this new Kindle is more like the iPod for books.  Of course, I really like it except the fact that the Kindle is still in black and white.  But if you are a book-fanatic and you have thousands of books in collection, you might want to consider this E-book that c

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