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DIY Netbook Robot Kit!

Here’s a really cool DIY Netbook robot kit that let’s you start off without re-inventing the wheel.  Whether you have an Eee PC or Dell Mini, this netbook robot kit will work perfectly for getting you a head start on netbook robotics.

Three has a need for speed. We’ve outfitted this robot with our fastest ever motors, yet retained the same quick development and learning, easy expansion and powerful computing of our larger machines – with excellent results!

Three is our greenest robot! T

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Forge DIY – How to Make a Knife!

I have always been fond of knife-making, makes me twitch every time I see it on TV, here’s how to build your own knife, you will first need to make some type of iron-burning system as shown below.

The implications are tremendous, this forge can easily double as a small melting furnace exactly as it sits for Aluminum and copper based alloys. And this opens the door to cast alloy handles and fastening hardware for knives beyond the original function of heating the steel to the point that it can

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Rust DIY – How to Remove Rust by Making an Electrolytic Rust Removal System!

As an immigrant who couldn’t speak English when I first came to America at the age of 9, I would keep myself busy by building things like Thermite, which is basically mixture of rust and aluminum.  Thermite is a great detonator for various bombs like TNT and whatnot, also used as emergency flashing guns.

Anyways, enough about me making thermite as a 9 year old, that was just plain, great chemistry fun, glad I didn’t lose an arm or leg during the process.  This can be great f

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DIY Pyramid PC Case Mod!

If you are looking to mod your PC, a pyramid PC case mod such as this one not be a bad idea after all.  You might even be able to sell bunch of these as pyramid-scheme business too.

1- Drilled and installed 2x 80mm fans on each side of the case for better air flow. 2- Installed Sound Sensitive Cathodes in the bottom of the case with sensitivity control knob at the back of the case. 3- The 3.5 pay at the top of the case has been modified to fit the 500GB WD hard dri

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Eco Friendly Wooden Earbuds from SkullCandy!

Well, I didn’t review SkullCandy earbuds in my latest earbuds review but they look pretty good for the prices listed so…

Anyways, SkullCandy has new eco-friendly woo

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New MacBook and MacBook Pro Dissected and Reviewed!

Well, you’ve all heard of the new MacBook buzz and reviews, we are happy to announce that someone has already dissected and reviewed the internal organs of the new MacBook and MacBook Pro.

This dissection goes into detail of how the new M

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Evolution Mobile Bar lets you take the Party with you!

Here’s the Evolution Mobile Bar, where you can take the party and the booze anywhere with you.  Of course, I think the intended purpose if for commercial uses such as the golf course, where people need instant boozing.

    Made of aluminum with a silver stainless finish Sets up and disassembles easily, in less than 5 minutes Versatile light weight construction allows it to be packed up and stored virtually anywhere Each bar can hold up to (10) 750 ml bottles and (6) 1 liter store and pour jugs Equipped w

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DIY – How to Make a Chain Body Armour with Soda Can Tabs!

Yes, you can make a chain body armour with soda can tabs, I just don’t know how protective that will be but it’s eco-friendly.

grade 2 aluminum can tab armour. Strong and easy to make, but takes a while to make.

via instructables

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Peek Email Device Dissected!

Remember the Peek E-mail device that’s going to replace your Blackberry?  Well, here’s a reader who decided to see what’s “inside”.

Looks really well made – I was impressed by the aluminum backbone that supports the keyboard and the screen. The insides are very simple – just a few highly integrated chips. I haven’t hooked up the micro USB cable yet… I’m sure someone will beat me to it!


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Solar Powered LED Accent Garden Yard Lights!

With the recent movement of green and eco-friendliness by companies and consumers, you will have to get the solar powered LED accent garden yard lights for your next party or be damned by the gods!!!


    No Wiring Needed Convenient sensor automatically turns light on at night and off during the day Advanced LED technology provides bright white illumination Constructed of aluminum with a matte Oil-rubbed bronze powder finish (3) wh

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