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Flaik Armband for your Snowboard Jump Data!

As a fanatic snowboarder, this Flaik armband will record the height, altitude, and other cool data of your snowboard jumps. Way cool duude!

This will be great too for snowboarding outside the resort limits in case you get lost.

The product, Flaik, is a performance tracking device for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts.

Flaik combines global positioning satellite (GPS) smarts with GSM/GPRS mobile phone technology.

The GPS part charts a user’s location, speed, distance, altitude and airtime (for jumps).


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Virgin Galatic, 3 Hour Space Travel, ready for reservations, can you afford it?

I first saw an article about Virgin’s Richard Branson on Wired magazine couple months ago. Virgin announced that it was launching a public service where people can experience zero-gravity.

Basically, Virgin is taking space travel into reality for normal people like you and me.

Anyways, I was SiteHoppin’ along for some random Entrecard tech blogs and found

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DIY – How to build your own Penny Stove

Check out this howto on making your own Penny Stove for your next camping trip instead of buying one from Wal-mart. It is as powerful as stove top burners!

The Penny jets produce a flame size about the same as those on a Viking stovetop. Obviously Viking thinks that big jets must be an effective way to burn gas and transfer heat to a pot and my tests confirm this. They are also less affected by wind, pot distance, altit

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