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Arduino Hack – How to Make a Sonar Distance Twitter Buzzer!

Here’s an interesting gadget that will respond to how far you are away from the computer and also twitt your distance. I am not exactly sure what the point of this is but I am sure it can easily be applied to system security and related things.

arduino & sonar returns your distance away from the computer and it is displayed on the screen. the farther away you are from the computer the larger the text and the greener the screen. the closer you are, the smaller the text and the redder the screen. get within 5 inches and a buzzer alarms. distance is twittered.

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Alarm DIY – How to Make an Alarm Clock with Key Lock!

For those of you who have to get up early on time and simply have supernatural abilities to hit the snooze button while asleep, you might want to look into this cool Alarm Clock DIY featuring how to make an alarm clock with a key lock.

Of course, there’s also bunch of alarm clocks that can enhance your snoozing experience here.

Put it on the other side of the room? Multiple alarms? Sooner or later I acclimatise, and fall back to old habi

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