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CircuitScout – Your circuit diagram search engine

Cool, check out CircuitScout next time you are trying to find that circuit for your next project. I looked up “Alarm System” and got some pretty decent results. (Much better than google for circuits) Thanks Jerry for the tip! 🙂


DIY HACK – The Redneck 30 minute hovercraft using cardboard box and save precious resources too!

Yep, you CAN make a hovercraft during your lunch break now. Just follow the directions!

I built a working hovercraft using cardboard and a shop vacuum in 30 minutes.

You can build a hovercraft quickly and easily using cardboard, duct tape, and a vacuum. There are excellent instructions available on the Internet. I adapted these standard instructions by substituting cardboard for plywood. In fact you build a hovercraft out of most anything that’s more or less airtight.


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“Smoke Bomb” Alarm System


Remember the funny alarm system that rocked the steering wheel? Well, check this one out. The alarm system consists of a smoke bomb (kinda)!

Well… it’s a device you can set up in your car.. and everytime a thief wants to do his job, that gadget eliminates a gas that has an instant blinding effect, keeping your car in the parking lot . Don`t waste your money on expensive car gadgets that don`t work, give it to me for distributing you this ne

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DIY – Make an alarm system in 3 minutes! (Part II – Add a motion sensor)

[gv data=”tsRT6wdaXks”][/gv] The other day I was walking through RadioShack and found this neat little Motion-sensing Door Chime/Alarm.

Since I already had an alarm system, I decided I could simply add a motion-sensor to my existing alarm system.

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