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Top 10 Eco-Friendly and Green Gadgets!

Hi All,

I must have had my watch set to a day earlier, Earth Day was yesterday but I figured 1 day late is never too late for eco-friendly gadgets.

So here’s a round-up of various different eco-friendly and green gadgets you can buy to save the world:

Solar Alarm Clock – Great stuff, they should make all alarm clocks with a solar panel. How hard is that? Probably not that hard, look at all the caculators made today, the

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Why are you not sleeping well? Sleeptracker will tell you

Looks like a cool gadget that will automatically keep track of when you are sleeping and how much sleep you actually get!

This product really was a pleasant surprise. Most of the things we review at Gear Live are gadgets with interesting or fun gimmicks that make them must-haves or horrible failures. The thing about the SLEEPTRACKER is that it doesn’t provide anything “fun” or “cool” per se. Instead, they have developed a product that actually improves your quality of life. Waking up fully energized on a daily basis is just

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Flying Alarm Clock wakes you in incredibly annoying way, cheap enough to destroy

Here’s a cool alarm clock that will fly via techdigest!

To heck with broken flying clocks, the Flying Alarm Clock is the real thing. It goes off at the appointed moment, and then takes off into the air, continuing to siren, until you catch it

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Philips Smart Light Alarm Clock

Cool light, I need this since I cannot get up easily and can get very cranky in the mornings…

You may still be reeling from that jarring alarm that scared you out of bed this morning, so here’s a concept from Philips that could change all that, an alarm clock with a soft light that fades up over a half an hour. You can adjust its ultimate brightness, and we’re assuming there’s some kind of alarm at the end of that cycle, just to make sure you’re awake.

Philips says th

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