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Airmouse – Could it be the Future of Mouse?

Here’s a rather interesting mouse project that could go into production and allow us for better computing. Of course, don’t forget there’s a lot of air mouse out there already, don’t forget to check out our “best air mouse review” while you are at it buddy.

The AirMouse begins with the human form and builds functionality around it. The AirMouse is composed of a lightweight durable fabric that seamlessly aligns itself wi

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Obi-Wan the Cursor using Make Controller!

[gv data=”QDRA6LNKA40″][/gv]

Here’s an interesting project that could be used for many applications including “airmouse”…

…use four screens, and sometimes lose my cursor. No more! I have Obi-WanQui-Gon to point the way for me. Using the Makezine Controller, a small X program, OSC, and a pair of servo motors, I have a real-life cursor. The X program tracks the cursor, and ten times a second, sends an OSC (Open Sound Con

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