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Microsoft Devising Evil Plans to Take Over the Retail World!

Microsoft announced that they will be planning new retail stores to outwit Apple.

Wow… I truly think this won’t help their products since most PCs are already monopolized by Microsoft but then, if they want to waste more money on marketing, especially when retail is doing bad, by all means go ahead.  They truly must have billions of dollars to throw down the toilet. :p

Mr. Porter, who is set to start work on Tuesday, is charged with improving the PC-buying experience.

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Advertising FAIL or the new Miserable Failure – Microsoft Ads are Booooring and Vista still Sucks…


Okay, we did get a glimpse of what the $30 Million deal with Jerry Seinfeld will do for Microsoft.

Here’s an obvious answer:

No matter how much you spend and no matter what kind of comedian you hire to whitewash the consumers, Vista is still the same and it simply sucks.

On top of that,

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Jerry Seinfeld Hired by Microsoft to do Anti-Apple Ads!

I don’t think Jerry Seinfeld will help the sales of Vista operating system, but at least the commercials will be funny enough to watch.

What do I think about Microsoft still trying to push their Vista operating system?

It’s basically worthless operating system bundled with so many features you can’t use unless you buy a computer with Vista installed.  Even then, your Vista is not guaranteed to work with all your peripherals with constant, annoying firewall prompts.

Microsoft Corp., weary of being cast

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