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DIY – How to Build a Banana Bike!

Here’s a cool instructable on how to make your own banana bike.  Although I’d probably never recommend you ride one, it’d be fun to build one yourself.

Convert a small kid bike into a fun sporty looking silly riding adult bike.

Kids outgrow their bikes so fast but here is a way to put even the smallest 12″ wheel kid bike back into action as a cool-goofy adult bike.

Re-uses/repurposes old items from the dumpster: small kid bike, crutch, old steel tu

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Cigarette Machine uses Face-Recognition Software to detect adults!

Wow…. that’s kinda cool if it works without hackers like me hacking it…

The vending machine has an “adult recognition” button, and when this is pressed a tiny camera takes a photo of the customer and analyzes certain features such as wrinkles and sagging around the eyes and mouth as well as the frame of the potential buyer’s body to determine a general age.

In a test with 500 people ranging in age from their teens to their 60s, this

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Robot employed as sex club tout

Robots are used as advertising tools for sex shops in Japan? Wow, robots can really be used for somethin’ these dayz…

Robots can get away with things that humans cannot. In the Minami area of Osaka, for example, a humanoid robot dressed in a “sailor suit” high school uniform now works the street as a tout for an adult information center that navigates potential customers to local sex clubs. Humans in Osaka are prohibited by law from engaging in such nefarious activity.


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