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Blog DIY – How to add adsense ads in WordPress

So, keeping with our recent WordPress tips series, here’s a basic how to for putting adsense ads on your WordPress blog using a text widget. This is probably the easiest way to place ads, but it isn’t very versatile.

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Make Money Online DIY – How to Make More Money with Adsense and Chitika Optimization using my Heat Map!

Well, it’s not that often I tell my readers/newcomers about my money making secrets but here’s a heat map that I’ve created to maximize income from my blogs.

Now, this is a proven heat map for making the “most” money online with blogs.

It’s a rather “in-your-face” type of advertising where you force your visitors to really read your Adsense or Chitika ads.

Why do I do this type of R

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Internet Marketing – Impressions versus Clicks

Well, I did a short post about impressions versus clicks over at our biz blog, check it out as it might help you make more money online.

Getting lots of impressions can be great for earning some money with Adsense if you are getting over 100K impressions per day. Otherwise, those impressions do not convert to cash and you need to find a good ad position that will make your readers read the ads and click if it is interesting.

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CES 2008 – Get Internet Radio on your iPhone with FlyTunes!!!

Wow, check it out, FlyTunes brings you Internet radio to your iPhone! Although I know it will never work on EDGE network 100% fully because the technology sucks (EDGE I mean), this might great thing for all of us once iPhone gets on CDMA.

FlyTunes will be free, so you’ll have to put up with AdSense-like ads in order to use it.

Version 1.0 of the software will be released on

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