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How to Fix “License has expired for this product” for Adobe CS4!

For those of you who have bought Adobe CS4 and have been getting “License has expired for this product” message, there’s a quick fix you can use to fix the problem, it seems like some kind of licensing bug that could be affecting users who’ve bought the software.

The main problem is that after a certain period of time, the AMT Licensing file refuses to allow the CS4 application to load Apparently after reading around, it is

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Photoshop DIY – How to Make Lightning/Super Nova Effects!


Check out this cool Photoshop DIY where the author shows you how to make lightning and super nova effects.

Apart from the lightning effects, this DIY would be great for playing around with different features of Photoshop.

in this tutorial i show you how to make a lightning effect in adobe photoshop and also a cool supernova effect. i ask that you please watch in fullscreen also if you have any questions about this please messege me and ill get back to you

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