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Motion Detector Hacks – How to Add Motion Detectors to Motion Props!

FreeWebs.com has some great tutorials on how to add motion detectors to motion props.  You might also be interested in the Motion Detector Alarm System I made couple years back.  These motion detectors are usually rather simple consisting of ON or OFF signal but very useful in various different projects.

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DIY – HOW TO add your business to Google Maps!

Do you have a business? Whether you have a Mattress Store or other goods and services to sell, you can list yourself on Google Maps. What does this do for you?

Basically, everytime someone searches for a

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what is RSS?

Yes, if you were wondering what RSS was on blog websites…

It’s basically a way you can read the blog or any other web info via a desktop client.

For example, if you use Firefox, you can add RSS feeds on your browser, so you can skim your blog sites’ titles instead of looking at the whole article…

Zedomax RSS:

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