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Massage DIY – How to Massage Your Leg Anywhere using a Portable Leg Massager!

Finally!  A portable travel leg massager is available to service your aching legs whereever you go, the airport, work, etc…etc…  Heck, I’d get 2 of these and massage my legs while I am driving.

RevitaLeg is an intermittent pneumatic compression massage device that helps improve circulation in the legs and feet for people who are inactive for long periods of time. Revi

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Wii Hacks – How to Hack Any Stubborn Wii with DriveKey!



Well, if you are a Wii fanatic, you will want to hear this, you can now use DriveKey to hack any stubborn Wii that couldn’t be hacked previously:

we are proud to introduce you to the world first mod chip for the Wii D3 DVD drives the Wii DriveKey mod chip, this device will allow you to play your backups and games from other regions the same as you would with a chipped machine but uses no wires at

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iPhone Hack – DIY Airsoft Target Range Controller!


Yes, you can do this, control airsoft target ranges with an iPhone or iPod Touch.  This has to be one of the coolest iPhone mods ever!

The ioBridge acts as the gateway between the targets and the iPod touch, while the Arduinos control the three independent rotating targets.  The actual physical construction is from Construx snap-together building components, making prototyping simple, into which the three micro-servos

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Solar Shower gives you Hot Showers Outdoors!

Here’s a cool solar shower that will give you a nice hot shower outdoors.  Of course, this might be kinda stupid if the weather is over 100 degrees but anytime else, it’s a great way to re-use that sun power for cleansing all that chlorine after swimming.

This outdoor shower harnesses the suns energy to warm water from a garden hose to a soothing 86° F, providing a refreshing cascade of water for rinsing off chlorine, sunsc

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DIY – How to Make an LED USB CD Lamp!

Want to be really green?  Try this DIY on how to make an LED USB CD Lamp made from of course your useless CDs and some ingenuity.

The USB powered LED CD lamp is a very useful gadget. It’s powered by the USB port, so you don’t need any external power supply. The stiff mounting wire, I used acts as a gooseneck and lets you bend the light source in different angles and directions.

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HACK – Window shade also acts as a solar powered Window Light!

Wow, check out this awesome window shade that also acts as a solar powered light!

This is a continuation of a project from Design for the 5 Senses that I worked on with Michael Jefferson and Jae In Lee. It’s a window shade that doubles as a light. One set of strings would be to control the level of sunlight by adjusting the height of the shade. The other set of strings controls the light level. I didn’t have time to add a solar component to it f

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DIY – How to hack your Linksys router as a repeater

here’s an article on how to hack your Linksys router to act as a repeater.

Your neighbor is in possession of router A. It is set to factory defaults initially. This is important because it shows the victim isn’t technically savvy and won’t notice your intrusion. You have router B, a Linksys WRT54G that you will be putting into client mode and connecting to router A. The final component, router C, is plugged into router B and acts as a wireless access point.

via [hacka

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