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Painting DIY – How to Paint with Acrylic Paint!

Acrylic paint is another type of paint that can dry faster and can give you results resembling both water color and oil painting.

For those of you who want to mix your water color and oil painting skills, learning how to paint with acrylic paint could just be your solution.

I have collected some of the best acrylic painting HOWTOs, check out these video first on YouTube:




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Robotic Dog Fetches the Ball!


Remember the Automatic Ball Throwing Machine for your dog?  Well, get one of these Robotic Dogs and you will have a complete dog throwing/fetching automation.  Why not?

This robot uses an Acroname CMUcam2+ for its eye and an Acroname BrainStem GP 2.0 microcontroller for its brain. It chases down a bright pink ball (which I made with a styrofoam ball and neon pink acrylic paint), grabs it with its dual-servo pincher, and brinks it back to its home base by homing in on another bright pink target (conveniently mounted over the iSight

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