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Tampon Stun Gun!

This one isn’t real but it’s a great idea for a stun gun, a Tampon Stun Gun!  Why don’t they try Maxipad Stun Gun while they are at it?

Ladies can replace that monthly period with an exclamation mark as feminine hygiene goes lethal with The Pink Stinger, a stun gun creatively disguised as a tampon…except for the buttons, prods and high voltage. This weapon of mass absorption aims to target a niche market consumer, that being the tamp

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Dutch Design Home PC

Check out the Dutch Design Home PC! Looks really cool.

“Our idea was to create something small, stylish and quiet and we asked the Dutch designer Ed Annink to make the design.

The case is built around one layer aluminum heatsink to provide cooling surface for the hard disk and other components.

And the cover of the case is fully fitted with highly efficient noise absorption material to g

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