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Recommended Aa-batteries

Emergency USB Powerator powered by AA batteries!

This little USB Power capsule can power any of your USB gadgets using one standard AA battery.

Great stuff!

The unit is just larger than a double A battery and will provide your device with an extra 15 minutes of performance.  Just enough time to call the bails-bondsman after getting the late night lock down because of too much party’in.

via getusb.info


Robo Vacuum for your desk!

Lol… here’s Robo Vacuum for your desk.  Robo Vacuum will suck and clean all your debris on your desk.  This is a great alternative to having a Roomba, which would be too big for any desk anyways.

Picking up life’s little messes! The desktop robot that never gets tired of cleaning up your sloppy mess. Simply push the top button to activate suction and slide over dry crumbs, pencil shavings or other debris. Powered by two AA batteries (not included). Th

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