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DIY Pulsar Mini-Synthesizer/Sequencer!

I have a confession to make, I have been corrupted by one of my best friend to spend hours in front of his 80s sequencer and make my own music.   If you are a hardcore DJ/hacker/musician, you might be interested in this cool DIY Pulsar Mini Synthesizer/Sequencer that will let you make some cool 8-bit sounds ALL day long. :p

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Video of the Pulsar Sequencer in action:


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Vintage Cellphone Ad – LMAO!

I am lucky to have been born before the invention of cellphones and lived through the revolution of cellphones.  Here’s a vintage cellphone ad from back in the 80s, I remember my uncle used to have one of these “great” cellphones that is so COMPACT! LMAO.

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5 Megapixel 35mm Film Scanner/Digitizer!

Do you have rolls of negative films from the 80s or even 90s?  Well, you can simply zip all your 35mm film rolls into this Film Scanner/Digitizer and turn each photo into a 5 megapixel digitized jpeg file.

How cool is that?  You can now save all your old films in your PC.


SLIDES 2 PC makes it easy and fun to rediscover your 35mm film negatives and slides on your computer. Incredibly fast, one-touch scanning and a singl

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Dial your iPhone with iDial!


Here’s a cool dialing app for your iPhone if you feel like going back to the 80s…

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