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iPhone Hack – How to Run your iPhone on Sprint’s 4G and get 10 Times Faster Speeds!


For those of you wondering why I am on Sprint, not on AT&T, this is why.  After 4G goes national, anyone still on 3G is going to look like they were from the stone ages.

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Netgear 4G WiMax N Router!

Here’s some definitely great news for those of you who don’t want to pay for home and cellular internet service separately, a 4G WiMax N Router!  Of course, the only company is the U.S. who is rolling out 4G WiMax as of right now is Sprint.  But once that network is setup all around the counrtry, you should be able to browser the web everywhere with just one low payment for a WiMax device.  (At least we hope so, WiMax is supposed be faster than cable and DSL.)

I am getting on the plane soon and they have WiMAX coverage in Las Vegas so let me see if I can squeez

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I created a new word today – Windows Morons…

Here’s some guy who’s holding “I’m a PC” I guess.

It’s a good thing I don’t like Microsoft’s Vista marketing nor Apple’s deceptive adveristing otherwise, I’d be either Apple-butt-kisser or Windows-whore.

I have actually decided that neither Microsoft and Apple is my kind of company, my next computer will definitely have Ubuntu for sure.

I am sorry to say to all you Windows-lovers and Apple-lovers but the truth has to be told and big companies are really just taking you for a

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