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4G WiMax Available now in Virginia, Utah, and Missouri!

For those of you in the state of Virginia, Utah, or MIssouri, today marks the day 4G WiMax is available so you should be very happy.

On the side note, I have been getting 4G off and on here in SF Bay Area. When I do get 4G, it’s REALLY fast, getting around 4-5Mbps download and 1-2Mbps upload.

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Google Nexus One/4G WiMax Supersonic coming to Sprint!

Sprint announced today that Google Nexus One will be coming to Sprint soon, meaning Google Nexus One will soon be available on all major cellular networks including AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

Perhaps this is where Google Nexus One could edge out Apple’s iPhone because users no longer have to choose a network and get the phone on any network.  I think this was a really smart strategy on Google’s part, having a phone available on multiple networks simply makes sense for

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