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iPhone 3G Lawsuits Popping Up Everywhere!


I keep banging this site about how badly iPhone or iPhone 3G is advertised.  Of course, most phones do the same thing and could be called “deceptive advertising” but in this case, it’s Apple for christ-sakes.

If they have to lie to consumers on their ads, there’s enough people to get mad enough to

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AT&T New Service Agreement Sucks and I am glad I have Sprint!

AT&T trying to

Well, it’s not new news that a telecommunication company is trying to scam consumers out of their rights through changes in service agreements.  I remember my credit card company sending me a new service agreement about 3 months after I signed up, now that’s a big scam.

Of course, as consumers we can’t really “prove” they are a scam unless we sue them together.

As for me, I am glad I got of the AT&T (Cingular back then) market.  My cable and internet is Comcast and I use Sprint for my Blackb

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Blackberry Bold Browser Video Demo!

Here’s a video demo of the new Blackberry Bold. It looks pretty good, I think you need to install Opera Mini take advantage of

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iPhone 3G Too Slow!

As predicted, the iPhone 3G remains to be still too slow most internet applications.  Perhaps consumers are remedying their poor iPhone 3G insecurities with Wi-Fi access.

That’s not good enough for me to buy an iPhone yet.  I plan to wait couple more years when they have iPhones available on CDMA network.  (or WiMAX when it’s available)

For those poor fellas who have bought the hype and the iPhone 3G, you can no

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$999 I Am Rich iPhone 3G App is Junk!


Here’s the video review of the $999.99 I Am Rich application for iPhone 3G.  Apparently, about 10 people have bought this bogus Apple app and it’s no longer available because it does suck so much.  (Doesn’t really qualify as a real app really)

via gizmodo

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Crack is Whack – iPhone 3G Cracks Everywhere!

The news is that iPhone 3G is causing a quite a stir with its “crack”.  Well, it’s always a great idea to have never bought one in the first place.  Wait until the “crack” is gone.

My honest recommendation is to wait for the iPhone 4G, where speeds will actually match the dollar amount you pay out from your pocket.  Or maybe this crack isn’t that common unless you drop it from the roof.

“Crack is whack!” Whitney Houston said.

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iPhone 3G Battery!

Need extra talking/playing time on your new iPhone 3G that’s still so slow?

Well, here’s the iPhone 3G battery pack.

A new lithium ion Battery for iPhone 3G. It provides a capacity of 1,200mAh. Can be charged by USB connection and offer 36 additional hours for music, 7 additional hours for video, and 3.5 for communication.

via akihabaranews

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Will iPhone 3G Blend, and please stop blending stuff!


Okay, here’s another stupid video of iPhone 3G blending.  Obviously, this one blender company is using all kinds of new gadget devices to make people interested in their blender.

For most, it might be funny, but for a down-to-earth guy like me I think it’s really a big waste of money, time, and of course, a brand new iPhone 3G.  Why don’t these guys donate some money to the eco-friendly and green society instead of polluting the environment by blending electronics? (That’d probably get them more marketing th

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iPhone 3G Review

Well, iPhone 3G is out officially as of today at 8AM at all the Apple stores in the States.

There’s already bunch of videos and reviews but we won’t bore you with what useless technology 3G does for you.

Here’s some links of iPhone 3G reviews all over the web if you really need to know:

iPhone 3G Review at CNET

iPhone 3G Review at Engadget

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iPhone 3G Hits Retail Stores on July 11th 8am!

As an early-adopter of gadgets and other technologies, I will not be waiting for an iPhone 3G hopelessly like some folks who are even standing in line right now.

But for those of you who really feel the need to get the iPhone 3G, you need to be at your local retail store around 7am on July 11th and get in line if it’s not long.

– Valid ID required. Social Security Number for those who are new to AT&T. – It remains unclear how existing non-iPhone AT&T will be processed. – Business customers must go to an AT&am

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