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Kinect Hacks – How to Use Kinect as 3D Holographic Chatting Device!

Here’s some more cool Kinect hacks that involve turning it into a 3D holographic chatting device.  Sorta choppy but this is still in the early stages of hacking and it can only get better with time.

A 3D camera like a Kinect provides the missing bit of information necessary for 3D reconstruction. For each 2D pixel on the image plane, it not only records that pixel’s colo

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3D LCD HDTVs Spamming CES 2010!

I talked to many bloggers and journalists at CES 2010, many of them thought there was too many 3D HDTVs.  Literally, 3D HDTVs “spammed” the whole show, everywhere I went there was at least one 3D HDTV including Samsung, LG, Toshiba, you name it.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great thing but I think there were too many at CES 2010.  But couple of them stood out, I liked those 3D LCD HDTVs that could be seen without 3D glasses. (Yes, without them!)  I forget which companies did that but I have videos/pictures so I will let you know.


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Cool 3D Folders for Windows Vista

Check these 3D Folders for Windows Vista, they are really cool,

are there any for linux yet? If any linux developers are watching this,

please develop one before its too late!

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