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3D Movie DIY – How to Make 3D Movies!

Right now, there several ways you can make 3D movies.  Essentially, 3D movies are two channels of video combined into one with each channel filtered out red from the right and blue and green from the left.

Ron and AmyJo Proctor has a great tutorial on how to make 3D movies using 2 portable camcorders and Adobe Premier to overlap/filter the videos:

We started with two full color video channels (right and left) — anaglyph (the red/blue method) is not ideal, but it is accessible because you don’t need a spe

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Movie Hack – How to Convert 2D Movies to 3D!

At CES 2010 I saw many 3D TVs and even attended one of the conferences showing you what tools are required for making crisp, 3D movies at home.  The process really involves gobs of great hardware such as the Intel Core i7 and more but for those of you who want to “convert” existing 2D movies to 3D, there is a way and you don’t have to shoot new videos for 3D.

FREE ways to convert your 2D movies to 3D

The video below shows you how you can use free, open-source software Avidemux to convert 2D movies to 3D.  It seems like this c

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