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Advertising FAIL or the new Miserable Failure – Microsoft Ads are Booooring and Vista still Sucks…


Okay, we did get a glimpse of what the $30 Million deal with Jerry Seinfeld will do for Microsoft.

Here’s an obvious answer:

No matter how much you spend and no matter what kind of comedian you hire to whitewash the consumers, Vista is still the same and it simply sucks.

On top of that, th

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B2 Bomber Crash on Video!

Stealth B2 Bomber crashed for no apparent reason but the pilots are okay. Yey, there goes another 30 million dollars of my tax money!

Air Combat Command officials released a report June 5 on the Feb. 23 crash of a B-2 Spirit at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. The investigation revealed distorted data by the B-2’s air data system ulimately caused the crash. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class


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Urine collecting Underwear could save millions of Tax Payers’ money!


Here’s underwear made for pilots so they can go pee while flying. I guess there has been cases in the past where pilots would crash due to their inability to flush themselves while in the air.

Think of how much each jet plane costs, like $30 million!

This little stupid underwear could possibly let me pay less taxes. Or at least see that tax money goes to education and poverty instead of jet planes.

The Advanced Mission Extender Device (“

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Use SleepTrek to follow your Sleep Patterns!

Here’s an interesting sleep gadget that can track your sleeping patterns. If you don’t want to rely on sleep experts/doctors, this might be the best alternative.

SleepTrek3 will make the benefit of sleep study available to many people who would otherwise not have been studied because they would not have met the high criteria to receive a doctor’s order for a full-study in a sleep lab,” said Everett Pizzuti, President and COO of Astro-Med, Inc. “This is a conven

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