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Canon 24-105mm Zoom Test with Snails!

This morning I noticed these snails perfectly in the right spot, I HAD to take a video with the Canon 28-105mm lens zoomed in all the way at 105mm to show you.

You can read up on my Canon 24-105mm review and also my recommendations on those who want to start out in DSLR Videography.

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Canon 24-105mm Lens Review!

For general filming, the Canon 24-105mm F/4 is the best out there.  I’ve talked to many other Canon videographers and many agree this is the all-around best lens for video shooting as you get a good range of zoom while the F/4 means you focal length stays the same while you zoom in and out.  This important since you will have the same focal length while you zoom in and out.

After personally using the 

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