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Alien Tables rulez!

Did I hear Alien Tables??? These things are also not just Alien Tables, they are made from old recycled motorcycle parts. WOw, that’s real 21st century design/recycling all put into one.

Wow, if you are Aliens fan, you might enjoy getting these Alien Tables made from recycle motorcycle parts. Now, if they only had predator too, that’d be awesome!

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Shishavac for some Pot Smoking?

Shishavac seems to be a 21st century home appliance that’d complement hookas.  It’s really made for smoking stuff, we think it’d work great for pot smoking too.  This is probably on pothead’s ultimate gadget wishlist.

Thik of it this way, it’s a vaporizer that works perfectly with your existing hookas so your lungs don’t get as much crap.  Make sure to hold it for 30 seconds…  no, we don’t condone pot smoking, it’s

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