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Android Smartphones are Most Popular Smartphones of 2011!

Android smartphones have indeed proven to be more popular than any other smartphones including Nokia and Apple, with a market share of over 40% while everyone else falls short of 20%.

What next?

This just means we, as consumers will get better prices and better products. Android smartphones range from low-budget teenager phones to 3D phones like HTC Evo 3D, allowing most households to afford one while Apple is really for niche market for those people who are brand-whored. As for Nokia and RIM, their innovations is clearly lacking, I have not seen a single person car

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2011 Top 5 Military Tech/Gadget Round Up!

Zedomax.com reader GeeP 9 asked us yesterday to cover more military technology and gadgets, so here’s the Top 5 round-up of what’s happening in the military sector:

1. Military has been working on a new technology that could potentially turn diesel exhaust into drinkable/usable water, meaning all military diesel humvees might be able to turn its waste gases into water in the desert. (Read more at Inhabitat)

Researchers at the Oak Ridge National Labora

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Best Android Tablets for 2011?

For those of you thinking about switching over to an Android tablet this year, we’ve got some great news for you, the year 2011 is probably the best time to get an Android tablet.

Of course, the great part about getting an Android tablet (over an iPad/iPad) is that Android tablets offer far more options for the regular Joe liket myself.

For example, perhaps you can’t afford a $500 tablet device but also you don’t need everything that the latest technology has to offer, you can get a budget Android tablet to match your budget. You are not left behind because

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