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DIY Cellphone USB UltraSound!

Even if you don’t have back-door access to your nearest ultrasound lab, you can, in fact, take ultrasound snapshots of your baby every week (or even every minute!) with one of these awesome DIY cellphone USB ultrasound system.  Okay, I admit, it looks more like a vibrator here but lets now forget it is an ultrasound on your cellphone, this IS a great idea for cheapening future costs of taking ultrasound scans.

The power of a modern cell phone is changing how many things are done today. For example I recently heard that the once CPU taxing program

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Fireworks Hack – How to Make Cellphone Triggered Fireworks!

Check out this really cool Fireworks DIY that shows you how to make cellphone-triggered fireworks using a disposable cellphone.  Sorta ghetto the way it looks right now but the theory is there and I am sure you could easily package it to make it look better.

With this tutorial you will be able to create cellphone triggered fireworks. Initially this was designed for a hobby rocket launch, but I found it was just as practical with fireworks . You call the cell phone, and it will auto ig

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Web Hack – How to Shut Down Your PC Remotely using Outlook!

Here’s a cool vidoe from TinkerNut.com that shows you how you can use Microsoft Outlook to shut down your PC remotely simply by sending your PC an e-mail. Of course, you will need to leave your computer on.

Better yet, simply turn your computer off before you leave your home/office. :p

This video will show you how to shutdown your computer from anywhere using a texting capable cell phone, Microsoft

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Why iPhone isn’t popular in Asia!

In Asian countries, iPhone won’t be as popular due to the high number of “other” devices out on the market.

iPhone price cuts in Japan prove that iPhone is still priced too high for Asian consumers.

Let me explain why iPhone cannot be popular in Asia:

When I used to live in South Korea for years, we didn’t goto BestBuy or the local AT&T shop.  For the cheapest prices in South Korea, there’s this “town” call

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Cigarette Box Hands-free Headset!

Check out this little nifty cigarette box hands-free headset, which will go nicely in your center compartment of your car without all the cancerous smoke.

This ridiculous device plugs into your cell phone and lets you make calls by speaking into the cigarette box. Don’t ask me. I don’t get it either. I suppose the good news is that you shouldn’t end up with lung cancer from using these cigs. And thanks to its “Anti-Electromagnetic Waves” capability, brain cancer won’t be a problem either.


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Garmin’s Nuvifone will be manufactured by ASUS!

Remember the Garmin Nuvifone?  Well, it seems like ASUS will be making them, not Garmin.

Is this a good news?

I guess, ASUS seems to be tackling every part of gadget business now including cellphones.  Heck, Garmin’s never made cellphones before, just GPS…

Let’s see how the final products ends up.  (Probably shitty since it’s their first try, might be better to wait for Gamin’s Nuvifone 2, don’t become the guinea pig like the iPhone)

ASUS announced that it will manufacture Garmin’s

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Bike the “flies” Google Earth!


Wow, this is thing is AWESOME!!!

This guy could make a lot of money making this into a “world” travel virtual world.

Sun has been very successful in spreading Java to over 6 billion devices throughout the world. Well over a billion cell phone run Java. We in Sun Labs are interested in what comes next. In order to help make sure that the next generation of gadgets is based Sun technology, we developed Sun Small Programable Object Technology (SPOT). We’ve created an experimental platform to inspire developers to bu

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Wrist Tracker does GPS + GPS Tracking

Here’s an interesting concept or prototype wrist tracker that can log all kinds of jogging details including but not limited to GPS + GPS tracking.  You can even hook up to GoogleMaps to get your directions.

Look at this new product.It’s a Cell phone+GPS tracker+GPS datalogger+Sporty watch With GPS trakcing/find friend/sporty management functions Release time: April 2008

Wrist Tracker is a stylish device with built-in GPS and GSM modules and high pe

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Schlage brings Z-Wave Web-Enabled Door Locks!

Schlage announces their new web-enabled door locks which can be controlled/monitored through the web and your cellphone.

Schlage is adding an automated twist to its well-known door locks: a wireless, Internet-enabled product that can be locked, unlocked and monitored via PC, cell phone, or any other device with a Web browser.

The product is based on Schlage’s line of keypad locks, “which outsold all competitive locks within the first year of being officially launched,” according to Dwig

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