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DIY – Weather Station

This weather station built by couple Oregon college students have been around, but very cool to know if you are trying to build one from scratch.

The Remote Weather Station (RWS) is a computerized weather monitoring system using MINI-MAX/51-C micro-controller board from BiPOM Electronics and various sensors. RWS consists of  two separate modules ( display module and weather module ) that are wirelessly linked together. RWS was developed by an ambitious team of

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Zedomax Christmas DIY – Voice Activated Christmas Lights!


Here’s Zedomax Christmas DIY #2, a “better” version of Christmas Light Controller.

Garrett has been building this cool voice activated Christmas Light controller.

It’s a Christmas Light Controller that can be voice activated or

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BrainWave Generator for your ears

I have always been interested in hypnosis and how the brain functions, here’s a website you can download free brainwave generator program.

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VIDEO HOWTO – How wooden doors are made

Wow, here’s an awesome video on HOW to make wooden doors. Which reminds me, i just paid $450 for my new wooden door at my apartment, which I broke because I was too impatient and locked myself out… but otherwise, my life is great! 🙂

Lowes has some good articles on exterior wooden doors…

Yes, you can go kinda into these doors and

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DIY Hack – Turn your PC into an Oscilloscope

Well, here’s a cool DIY on using a simple ADC chip into a PC Oscilloscope. Very interesting how you can use a $6 chip as a $300 Machinery…

via make

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