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It’s cool to be a gangster in Japan

Check out some awesome Japanese ganster Van mods!

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See through Japanese Refrigerator + Washing Machine

Transparent Fridge:

Transparent Washer:

These transparent home gadgets are great for making sure that you are not being spied on by the FBI or CIA. Well, if you are a drug dealer, these transparent gadgets might help you detect bugs in your house. Otherwise, it does provide a very modern look to your house, well if you have a house… Regardless, we like the idea of transparent devices, it makes it look cooler. 🙂 We give this gadget a big thumbs up!

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GPOD – the real GPOD

Update from earlier gpod article. We have been getting a lot of good traffic due to the gpod by the way, thanks gpod!

Well, I guess Apple still won’t be happy… Well, we just got a reply from one of the developers of Gpod and he wants me to try one. Hmmm… the

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AIST develops dexterous hand for working class droids

Here’s a video of simulating carrying heavy objects:

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Here’s a video of it walking:

[gv data=”OoqdYPXN1q0″][/gv]

Here’s a cool robot with dexterous 5 finger hand motion from Japan.

Researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have succeeded in boosting the manual skills of blue-collar droids by developing a robust and dexterous hum

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