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Web2.0 Expo 2008 – SpringNote – Wiki-based Online Notes

HeeKyong Yoon from SpringNote.com, was nice enough to chat with me on their cool “wiki” product, SpringNote:


FYI, SpringNote.com is a subsidiary of NcSoft.com, the creators of legendary online game, Lineage.

Well, I tried out SpringNote, here’s a screenshot:

It’s very simpl

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Automatic Ball Throwing Machine for your Dog!

Check out this really cool “automatic ball throwing machine” for your dog. Set it on and your dog will play tirelessly while you can focus on working from home or doing your dishes.

We couldn’t find any sources other than this Tennis ball throwing machine patent and a simliar device called

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Maker Faire Showcase Video


Cool, check out the Maker Faire Showcase video. Nice hat Phil! (Are you going to wear it at the faire?)

Yes, make to check out Zedomax at Maker Faire. We will have live blogging where you can get yourself on Zedomax!

We will have some fun stuff like USB Mouse Prank and

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Robot that plays Alto Saxophone


I used to play some jazz with my alto sax back in the days. Here’s a robot that can play an alto saxophone. He seems to be playing some cool jazz. Not TOO bad for a robot.

via thejapanesearecrazy

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Humping Robots Video!


This is a hilarious video of robots humping…that’s right…humping!

There’s more robot humping video here.


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Make Balloon headed for space!


Here’s a cool video of Bre trying to track his ballon that’s headed for space. You gotta check out the real-time data tracking which is the coolest part.

Good luck in spotting your balloon!


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