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Wow, check out this cool Monty bike this guy made!

This is a small, simple recumbent bicycle. With its 16″ wheels Monty is a portable vehicle which easily can be dismantled. I wanted a bike that I can bring on trains, buses and other means of public transport. Since there are hardly any small foldable recumbent bikes on the market I decided to build one myself.

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DIY HACK – Wearable LED Light

Check out the wearable LED light you can make!

The Wearable Light kit is a leather cuff with LEDs embedded inside. The Velcro functions as a switch so the bracelet only illuminates when it is in active use. It is a kit designed as an investigative tool to gain insight into DIY culture. Marrying sewing techniques with electronics, a new aestheticized vernacular for constructing simple circuitry is developed. The kits were deployed to crafters in the U.S., Canada and UK.


DIY HOWTO – MAC Backpack

Let’s go make a MACpack, or a backpack made with an old MAC. If you are really into MACs, you really need one of these…

Finally after nearly a year of working, i have finished my masterpiece; I have racked up more geek points by creating a backpack from an old macintosh SE computer c. 1988. I know everyone is saying either A.) why did you destroy a perfectly good macintosh? Or B.) Why didn’t you spend that time making floppy disk plate mail like you

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