New WordPress Search Engine Blog Theme!

Yey, I’ve been working all day until now, which is 3AM, to design a brand new WordPress Search Engine Blog Theme.

Basically, what I’ve realized is that there’s over 5000+ blog posts in this blog and it’s hard to find any good information anymore.

By hacking the WordPress from scratch (hacking the defauly Kubrick theme), I figured out a way to make your blog into a “visual” seach engine, sorta like Google with 100×75 pixel pics.

Anyways, you should now be able to find stuff a lot easier using the big ass search function at the top.

I am not done with it, I am just too tired to keep going.

Tomorrow, blog posts will probably be delayed until 3pm or so, I will be sleeping a LOT so if you need me, please e-mail me and I will have to get back to you.

Also, I will either make this theme available for download soon for those of you who want it so stay tuunnneeed.

Oh yeah, this theme is really cool by the way because it’s sort of a mix between a magazine style blog and a search engine.  YEY!

Okay, I am gonna go drink some beers, smoke, and sleep finally. thank you my readers to listening to my 3am rants.  I promise to start blogging again real soon. 🙂

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