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Delta to Offer Full In-Flight WiFi!

Delta is finalizing their decision on offering full in-flight wi-fi for everyone on dometic flights by middle of next year.  Go Delta!  Now, I can travel and get some blogging done while flying.  THAT is cool.

ATLANTA — Delta Air Lines Inc. said Tuesday that it would offer broadband wireless Internet access on its entire domestic mainline fleet by the middle of nex

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DIY Duck Cam is a walking Polaroid Camera!

Check out this Duck Cam, a walking Polaroid camera that captures pictures and prints them out for ya.

video after the jump.

Therefore I am making a ‘Magical Image Digesting Duck’, by hacking digital camera, printer,

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DIY – How to Make a Conetenna WiFi Antenna that goes 18Mb at 300 yards!

Well, here’s a wifi antenna you can make that can do 18MB at 300 yards.

Now here’s a way to get some free wifi from your neighborhood, that is if you live in a metropolitan area AND you have a window to high-rise apartments.

This antenna performs better than the dish antenna I had built, so I’m happy with it. And maybe the world is a better place now that I’m not weilding a truly Buck Rodgers death-ray of an antenna!

From 50 yards, I’m almost getting a full strength signal. And at the shooting ran

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DIY Wifi HACK – How to Get Free Wifi from Starbucks and AT&T Hotspots!


Here’s a cool little hack that let’s you get free wifi from Starbucks or AT&T Hotspots!

Basically, you change the “User-Agent” to iPhone User Agent, which is the header part of HTTP transmission.

Then you put in the phone number of any of your friends’ iPhone. I personally know about 3 people in my cellphone address book, so this should be piece of cake.

For Firefox, you can download User Agent Switcher Plugin to change the User Agent.

Definitely, this is the easiest hack I̵

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