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How To Do Search Engine Hacks And Tricks

Want to access things that can’t normally be accessed by your search engine? Check this video out to learn how. This video tutorial shows you a variety of tricks and hacks you can use on the web. It covers 4 ways to search for security cameras, find websites you can’t search normally in search engines ( etc.), hiding google functions and more. Watch this video tutorial and l

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SiteHoppin Re-Launched as Domain Search Engine!

One of my greatest websites I ever made (and hard-coded all myself) using MediaWiki open-source as base platform is

SiteHoppin has been re-launched as a domain search engine.  Basically, it’s like Digg but we only store your URL infomation, no content whatsoever other than previews under iFrames.

You can also submit your blog/website URLs as they will get indexed by Google and other search engines much quicker.

Due to time c

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Firefox Hack – SiteHoppin Toolbar saves you 5 minutes of your Daily Web browsing time!


Here’s a video demo of the new feature just added to the SiteHoppin Toolbar for Firefox that can save you 5 minutes or more of your daily web browsing time. Great for bloggers…

via SiteHoppin

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SiteHoppin Private Beta Toolbar v.1.3 Out!

SiteHoppin Private Beta Toolbar v.1.3 is now out, which integrates online tagging/hopping together.

What does it do?

Basically, it allows you to “hop” your favorite bookmarks using tags.  (I cut down about 20 minutes of time in browsing tech blogs I go to.  You could probably save a lot of time using this function if you visit 10-20 same sites daily)

We still got a l

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