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SEO Tips – How to choose a domain name

Here’s on of the most basic SEO tips out there, how to choose your domain name. This can be one of the most important branding steps you can take, so choose smart.


Blogging DIY – How to set up SEO permalinks

Driving more traffic to your blog can be as easy as making sure you permalinks are SEO friendly. That means not long chains of numbers or strange question marks. Here’s the simple way to fix the problem in WordPress.

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SEO Hack – How to create better SEO page titles

We’ve had a lot of feedback about offering up SEO and WordPress hacks and tips. So here’s another basic video that talks about page titles, which really make a difference when it comes to both SEO and conversion rates.

Remember, don’t just throw every keyword in the title page. It’s all about targeting.

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Web2.0 Expo 2008 – Adobe Flex, will it be the next Web3.0?

Adobe Flex, will it be the next generation technology for Web 3.0? It’s hard to tell at this point as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for flash or flex has not proven to be great. Although you could make an opinion that flash or flex can be embedded in an HTML page, that’s still no where close to RSS and tags that blogs offer.

Today, I met when Steven (Stephen) Harris from, a Global IT Outsourcing company that specializes in development of Adobe Flex and AJAX web applications.

Steven was nice enough to show me a

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Why we are going to rank #1 for John Chow!

This is a test to rank #1 for John Chow on Google…lol…

Why? Why not… we like to hack everything that’s possible to hack, including google…

Our goal is to overtake pronetadvertising… will it work?

Honestly, we are really changing our blog’s theme to cover more of SEO, business ideas, and all the great stuff about Web 2.0…

Right! We will go change our URL title first…

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