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Media vs. Blogs – Blogs are news of the future?

It seems like blogs are more real than the media.

In today’s world, you never know what the government is actually is doing vs.

what they want you to know.

Perhaps, blogs are good public & electronic FBI/CIA agents for the general public.

Blogging and Blogging about everything.

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Emerging Blogging Engines

It seems like blogging has picked up like a mad man. Even me, previously a non-blogger, tip-toed over the big blogging holes, before falling endlessly into the blogging hole.

If you want to start your own blog, you can go w/ something like, i think they have the best blogging system but if you want to put your own blogging engine in your domain name, try these links:

Blog Software Breakdown via [

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Skype + Outlook

Hmmm… I guess this is new idea,

I think technology has been out there for a while,

no one has put it all together yet…

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The next big myspace – emerging e-community technology

Well when I was playing golf with the SK Telecom guy 6 months ago, he also told me about cyworld opening up in SF, kinda like, which is very popular in Asia right now.

I guess cyworld is part of SK too, hmm…I should have bought some stocks…

Well actually he offered to refer me to people in cyworld for a job but I promptly refused to keep doing this…hehe…

anyways, i think this cyworld could be very big…

my guess anywa

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Firefox DIY – How to Change Tabs Quicker with Keyboard Shortcuts!

For those of you who want to change tabs quicker in Firefox, here’s a quick round-up of commands you can use for that:

Ctrl+Tab – This will immediately switch to the next tab

Ctrl+Number – Every tab is “virtually” numbered from left to right so if you press Ctrl+1, that will switch you to the very first tab, Ctrl+2 will switch you to the second tab and so on.

For Macs, just use Command button instead of Ctrl.

Also, you can close a tab anytime using Ctrl+W, I use this frequently.

For more,

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