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Google Analytics Hack – How to Track Outbound Links in WordPress!

For those of you who want to track outbound links of your web traffic in Google Analytics, there is a free and easy way to do it using Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress.

There’s other ways to do this by implementing your own javascript code to a href tags but this plug-in does it for you automatically for WordPress blogs.

This plugin adds the possibility to tag and segment all outgoing links, so you can

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GoogleMaps Hack – DIY Exercise Bike uses GoogleMaps as Virtual Map!


Here’s a rather cool hack where the hacker uses his bike as a GoogleMaps Virtual Map.  Using Vuzix iWear as display device while he’s cycling (around the world) on GoogleMaps, this simple hack shows how far GoogleMaps Street View can be applied for adding a little fun to your next worko

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Google Announces GoogleMaps Navigation!

Google has just announced GoogleMaps Navigation for Android platform smartphones like the G1 Phone and more.  I think this is going to be big in the next few years and definitely take a big chunk out of the current on-board GPS market.

I think this is actually good for the GPS navigation business since more competition means lower prices and better GPS systems.  Even now, I see all these outdated GPS systems on new cars, they simply can’t compete against even my Palm Pre’s (or Blackberry’

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GMail Hack – How to Block Annoying Emails that Makes if Through your Spam Filter!

You know in GMail, there’s sometimes annoying emails you get from spammers who don’t care about CAN SPAM Act?

Even if you mark it spam, sometimes they keep making it through your spam filter.

There’s a way to block those e-mails (or send them an automated reply to annoy them back).

First, simply check off the e-mails you don’t want to receive anymore then click on More Actions->Filter messages like these.

Then, simply click on Delete It or perhaps f

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GMAIL Tip – How to See Unread Emails in GMail!

Here’s a simple tip for those of you who need to see all the unread e-mails and mark them read.  (like old e-mails)

Simply do a search for “label:unread” in your searchbox in Gmail.

Then select all then go to More Actions->Mark as read.

These unread messages might be annoying especially if you have couple hundred of these, it might be hard for you to filter actual new mail.  But do this every once in awhile and you won’t have those problems.

Happy GMailin’~

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Is Google Down?

I just noticed this but hopefully get resolved soon.

Read here on Google down status.

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Google GMail Back UP!

Well, Google GMail is finally back up after couple hours of service outage.

Think about how many businesses rely on GMail to run their businesses. (including me)

Now that said, the world ecommerce/commuication now moving again, forward. Yey!

I was actually a little worried myself there for a second, we received an influx of too much traffic while the GMail down blog post was up and GMail was down.  It seemed like a LOT of people were

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GMail Hack – How to BackUp Your GMail!

All things man-made will break, even Google’s own GMail.   Now, you don’t need to fuss about it if you had all your GMail data backed up.

Here’s a bunch of great resources on how to back up your GMail so the next time GMail goes down, you will still have access to your e-mail:

    If you use MS Outlook and pop your mail from GMail, you are already all good since you have downloaded all your e-mail. (unless you deleted it)  I use MS Outlook every once in awhile just to p

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Top 20 Things to do When GMail is Down!

It looks like GMail is having some big problems today, bigger than I have ever seen.

Anyways, don’t be too worried, just relax and enjoy life, here’s some fun things to do while GMail is down:

Go to tweet about your GMail being down on Twitter. Go see how many tweets there are about GMail being down on Twitter. Blog about GMail being down like I am doing right now. Pick your nose and wonder when you can

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Nokia HACK – Android Running on a Nokia N95!


Yey, it looks like Google might take over the cellphone software market…eventually.

Who knows, someone will probably figure out a way to run Android on the iPhone soon.

via gizmodo

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