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Zedomax Christmas Wreath now on… Lifehacker!

TIgHT! We are on Lifehacker!!! Although it’s been almost a year since we last made that

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Google’s Knol Project Update – Lots of BUZZ on the Internet

Wow, it seems like search results for “Knol Project” is multiplying at the rate of every hour! It’s amazing how no one has really even tried this new Knol Project yet, there’s so much buzz going around the internet. We think Knol Project will be basically Google’s new knowledge database that will add nicely to their portfolio of search knowledge database.

Although we predict that Knol Proj

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EntreCard WINS – EntreCard beats BlogRush in Alexa Reach, Rankings, and Traffic!

UPDATE, don’t use Entrecard, they are backstabbing type of people.

Entrecard and Blogrush both have customer service problems.  Blogrush died already and Entrecard will too soon. 🙂

Lately, I’ve been keeping a keen eye on my friend Graham Langdon, creator of Million Dollar Wiki. He has created a new site called EntreCard that allows bloggers to advertise for free on other blogger’s blogs. Basically, bloggers can trade 125×125 pixel ad spots.

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Knols Project Followup – Google’s Knol Project reminds me of a Paid Wiki

Great thing that Google has come up with the Knols Project. (I think it’s pronounced “nol’s project” right?) It’s totally like the Million Dollar Wiki concept except they have more money and power to get “authoratative” writers on their content.

How is it like a paid wiki?

Well, Google offer revenue sharing as stated in their blog:

At the discretion of the autho

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QuarterWiki – Pages are being sold like Hotcakes!

I just wanted to give our readers heads up the latest buzz from Zedomax.Net. Our new QuarterWiki has been selling pages like hotcakes after a review on John Chow dot com. It seems that bad publicity has actually helped us sell more pag

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DIY – HOWTO get FREE publicity for your business!

I was stumblin’ the other day and came across this really cool site called Scribd, where you can upload your documents and share with the world. What does it do? It makes your PDF or Word Doc file visible on the internet.

Okay, this might not be the best site to publish your secret ingredient to making the pizza sauce. But if you already have powerpoint, Word Doc, or PDFs of your pamphlets, booklets, or e-books that promote your products, you might want to consider uploading them here. G

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DIY – HOWTO get more Traffic to your site by making friends on!

Here’s how to get more traffic to your website simply by making lots of friends on StumbleUpon:

Okay, here’s a simple way to get more traffic to your site by making friends on

Here’s how to do it:

1) Make friends on with people who have similar interests as you do.

2) Once you have a good number of friends, use the “Send to” button and send your friends the site you want to bring more traffic to.

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Why we are going to rank #1 for John Chow!

This is a test to rank #1 for John Chow on Google…lol…

Why? Why not… we like to hack everything that’s possible to hack, including google…

Our goal is to overtake pronetadvertising… will it work?

Honestly, we are really changing our blog’s theme to cover more of SEO, business ideas, and all the great stuff about Web 2.0…

Right! We will go change our URL title first…

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DIY – HOWTO Convert your Doc files to PDF for free using GoogleDocs

With all the craze with Google whatever, here’s another useful Google tool you can use if you haven’t yet.

Try out the GoogleDocs where you can convert almost anything to and from anything including your Word document to PDF.

Google will probably take over Microsoft one day in this arena. I am rooting for Google even though they are getting so big, at least they convert past technology into the Web.

In the near futur

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