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Adobe Magazine App to Hit iPads, that is if Steve Jobs isn’t being Anal this Time,

Adobe, who was banned from iPads/iPhones with its flash technology months earlier and caused a havoc among the tech world, has announced they will actually be shipping a new app that will allow magazine publishers like Wired to make an interactive magazines for iPads. (like we saw with the Android Tablet prototype)  Also see running it on Windows 7.

I believe this is just Adobe Air being packaged into an

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Adobe Fires Back At Apple with Hearts and the Truth!

Oh boy, here’s we go again, Adobe has just launched a new ad campaign aimed at Apple.

In response to Stevie Job’s letter on “openness” (or is it closed?), Adobe says that users should have the freedom to choose their own 3rd party app.  Which is true, I don’t need Apple to be my father, censoring technology that I should have a choice on.

In this case, clearly Apple is interfering with users rights to use what they want.  Users then would have

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HTML5 DIY – How to Incorporate HTML5 and Flash Seamlessly into Your Website!

You know HTML5 has been making some breakthroughs including causing iPads to be vulnerable to disabling sites like Disney’s Pixar.  Hey, but there’s a solution (sorry, not an app) for that.

You will first have to learn a bit more about HTML5 and how it works.  Basically, you can use the new <video> tag which allows you to embed videos.  Read more about basics of HTML5 at WebMonkey, they have a great short

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Adobe Air on Android (Nexus One) Hands-on Review!

Well, it’s been exciting to see the very first Android Tablet (larger than 7-inches) hands-on but I did also see Adobe’s Air working on the Android smartphones (Nexus One).

See the hands-on video of Adobe Air games running on Android (Nexus One):


Adobe Air brings a lot of possibilities for developers to bring mobile applications to different platforms including Android phones, Palm Pre, and mo

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Use Cooliris’s PicLens Firefox Plugin to browse images, videos like an iPhone!

Cooliris’s PicLens brings you the web in a completely 3D format. You can go to your favorite sites like Flickr, Google image search, among the many major services you can use. You can even browse YouTube videos in 3D using their search function, which is nice.

It’s like having an iPhone version of viewing the web on your computer. If you get bored of traditional browsing, I definitely recommend to try this route for a change for images and videos.

Thanks to Sally over at Cooliris for the tip.

PicLens instantl

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DIY HACK – How to make your own Sawed-Off USB Cable!

Yey, here’s a fun little DIY for those of you who want to mask your secret USB drives as a “Sawed-Off USB Cable“.

This might prove to be the best security protection you ever had for your USB device. (Why didn’t I think of this before???)

Holy crap– somebody just went and TORE MY FREAKING USB CABLE IN HALF while it was still attached to my laptop!!!

No– wait– sorry. That’s just my USB drive. My bad. Never mind.

via Evil

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Web2.0 Expo 2008 – Adobe Flex, will it be the next Web3.0?

Adobe Flex, will it be the next generation technology for Web 3.0? It’s hard to tell at this point as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for flash or flex has not proven to be great. Although you could make an opinion that flash or flex can be embedded in an HTML page, that’s still no where close to RSS and tags that blogs offer.

Today, I met when Steven (Stephen) Harris from, a Global IT Outsourcing company that specializes in development of Adobe Flex and AJAX web applications.

Steven was nice enough to show me a

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Web2.0 Expo 2008 – Launched – new “Digital Collaboration” Tool!

I was taking a smoke break in front of Web2.0 Expo and saw these people marching with funky white wigs on. Well, at first I thought they were protesting but one of the protestors did reach out and speak to me about what’s behind their “guerilla campaign” as seen in the video below.

I also scored close beta invitations to If you want the invite code for the private beta, simply watch the video here:


So, I decided to try out what this “protest” was

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