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Necklace DIY – How to Make a Firefox Necklace!

For those of you with some craft skills and want to impress your girlfriend, how about making your lover this DIY Firefox Necklace.  Best of all, this necklace looks rather cool and no one will accuse your girlfriend of using the actual Firefox browser all the time.

I used rubber cement to affix the template to a piece of 18ga. silver sheet, and used a small saw to cut out the shape on top of a jewelry maker’s bench pin, which is that fork-shaped wooden surface you see in the video. Finish it up with files and a lot of sanding using a flex shaft and slotted mandrel. Th

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Firefox Hack – How to Browse the Web Securely and in HTTPS!

For those of you worried about web browsing security, you might want to use Firefox and this HTTPS Firefox add-on which automatically switches your browser to HTTPS whenever it’s detected.

I think this is a great idea, especially for any sites that need a login and they usually provide HTTPS versions.

Many sites on the web offer some limited support for encryption over HTTPS, but make it difficult to use. For instance, they may default to unencrypted HTTP, or fill encrypted pages with links that go back to the unencrypted site.

The HTTPS Everywhere extension fixes

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Facebook Hack – How to Protect Against Facebook Malware!

For Firefox users, you can use Firefox extension AdBlock and add the following lines to its filters to protect you from Facebook Malware:

UPDATE: There’s also AdBlock for Google Chrome Browser here!

|| || || || || || ##img[src$=”facebook_icon.png”] ||fbcd

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Why I Switched to Google Chrome from Firefox!

Until couple weeks back, I have been using Google Chrome browser as my secondary browser for loading Google-based services. I didn’t really use it fully but decided to make the “full switch” by using Google Chrome for most of my online services. (which proved to be a good choice because now I can get my blogging work done much faster as Chrome is about 2-5 times faster than Firefox)

I still use Firefox but it’s become my secondary browser, I use it for stuff I have multiple logins.

Should you switch to Google Chrome?

I think you should, it&#

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PDF Hack – How to Open Every PDF File with GoogleDocs!

Recently, I’ve stopped using Adobe reader simply because it’s slow and for GoogleDocs does a great job of letting you view PDF files much quicker than Adobe reader.

So, how do you open every PDF file you find online with GoogleDocs?

So long as the PDF file exists online, you can simply use GoogleDocs viewer and paste in the URL of the PDF you want to view.

Another great way to do this automatically is to get the

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CoolPreviews 3.0 Brings In-page Previews! [Firefox Plugin]

CoolIris, a Firefox plugin that lets you view media faster while browsing with Firefox, has just released CoolPreviews 3.0, which allows you to “preview” sites before clicking through them.  I just installed it, it works pretty well, we will see how well it works for the next few weeks. (Download the CoolPreview 3.0 Firefox plug-in here)

Say, you want to search the Web to see everything about Avatar, the new James Cameron movie. You query “avatar” in Google web search as usual. You then use Coo

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Mozilla Firefox Quickly Gaining the Browser Market and Doing Well in Recession!

Mozilla, the company behind my favorite web browser Firefox, is quickly gaining in the browser market (especially here in the U.S.) and reportedly, doing very well in recession:

Mozilla has published its audited financial statements from 2008, reporting $78.6 million in revenue for the fiscal year—a five percent increase from 2007. Aside from a weakened investment portfolio, the browser maker has not been hit hard by the economic recession.

I don’t think Mo

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Firefox DIY – How to Auto Hide the Status Bar!

Did you know you can download the autoHideStatusbar Firefox experimental extension to auto hide the annoying status bar once its done loading a website?

Well, now you do!

via howtogeek

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Firefox Hack – How To Stop Automatic Plugin/Firefox Installations In Firefox!

I have recently noticed that some plugins in my Firefox keeps updating by itself and it’s annoying because I didn’t allow this to happen as a user.

To easily fix these updates from automatically updating you (or bugging you), go to Tools->Options->Update then unclick all the boxes so your Firefox browser never wastes any bandwidth to check for updates.

I think updates are great but I don’t want my Firefox to keep checking for them every time I start my browser, it also takes a lot more time to load your browser when you are checking for updates.  And y

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Firefox Hack – How to Run Faster Firefox!

Most people who have used Firefox for the last couple years probably know this hack but let me do a step-by-step instructions on this for the simplest and best way to make your Firefox browser run faster.

Faster Firefox!

First, go to your Firefox URL address bar and type, “about:config”.

You will see a warning sign but just click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!”.

Next, enter “network” in the Filter input like this: (Then you should be able to scroll down to network.http.pipelining.

By default

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