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Camera DIY – How to Make a Tripod with a Bottle Cap!

My good friend Alan from HackedGadgets posted a blog post about this new Bottle Cap Camera Tripod you can buy the other day.  Well, he decides to save himself $10 by making it himself, a great idea.

“Master parts list:

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Linux Hack – How to Batch Image Resize!

Well, one of the worst things you can encounter is to individually resize hundreds of images for a future blog post.

I am not sure if Windows or Macs have free software to do this but if you have access to a Linux computer like me, you can get stuff done much faster using Image Magick, a free open-source image auto-resizer also used on many web-platform programs.

I assuming that you have installed Ubuntu Gutsy:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

After ImageMagick installation, you can use mo

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SuperHeadz Plamodel DIY 35mm Camera!

Wanna build your own DIY 35mm camera?  Well, you can with this $28 kit from SuperHeadz.

This is awesome if you are a student of

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DSLR Hack – How to Make a Pinhole Camera with your Digital SLR Camera!

Here’s a really cool DIY on how to make a pinhole camera with your digital SLR camera.

Do you have a digital SLR camera, some black construction paper, aluminum foil, a rubber band, and tape? Great, let’s make a digital pinhole camera!

The pinhole camera is the simplest type of camera. It has no lens, only a teeny-tiny hole of an iris. This pinhole ensures that the light which reaches any position on the exposure surface originated from a single direction; as the hole diameter approaches zero, the possible light source for a poin

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Digital Camera Hack – How to Replace Canon SD750 Lens!

I actually own “TWO” Canon SD750s because I dropped my first SD750 in the sand.  The first one “magically” started working fine after I bought the second one but if I had known such lens replacement DIY was available, I wouldn’t have had to buy the second one.  Here’s how to replace your Canon SD750 lens if it breaks or you drop it in the sand like me.

One more thang, even if you don’t own SD750, any other Canon SD s

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Flickr Hack – How to Backup Your Flickr Photos!

For those of you Flickr-obssesed pro users, you will definitely need to look into how to backup your Flickr photos using FlickrEdit, a free Java-based program you can use to backup your Flickr photos.

FlickrEdit will launch from a URL, after which you’ll have to agree to a security dialog and you’ll have the option of adding a shortcut to the app on your Desktop. After the application starts, you can associate it with your Flickr account and allow FlickrEdit to access your

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Photoshop DIY – How to Convert a Girl to Glowing Neon Girl in Photoshop!

I’ve always been facinated with computer graphics even before the days of Photoshop.

Anyways, here’s a great way to convert any photo to a glowing neon one, this example shows you how to convert a girl to a neon girl.

In our Photoshop Tutorial, we will create a Glowing Neon Girl from scratch. Throughout this tutorial, you will simply learn how to make some cool Glowing Effects in Photoshop. This is quite a little long so patience is a virtue.Take a look at the Preview of our Final Image.

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Camera DIY – How to Make Your Own DSLR Camera Macro Lenses!

Here’s a great DIY for all your DSLR freaks out there, learn how to make your own DSLR camera macro lenses!

Making life size pictures of hardly noticeable objects and subjects is known as macro photography. It’s widely employed in wildlife photography and in product photography. Oftentimes, macro photography requires the use of costly lenses. Read on to learn how to easily make your own macro lens.

via brighthub

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Camera DIY – How to Make a FiberOptic Flash!

Wow, for those of you serious about photography, you might want to consider playing with this Fiberoptic flash.  Basically, you can bunch of fiberoptics and then stick it to your flash to it evenly distributes the flash when you are taking pictures.

This is a fibre-optic flash extension for your DSLR’s popup flash. Totally easy! Works great! Durable! Designed specifically for K20D with 100 2.8 DFA lens but adaptable to other lenses (see Tamron Adaptall 90

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Send your Obama Inauguration Photos here!

If you happen to have some photos of Obama Inauguration, please feel free to send them here at photos [at] If you have a website, please include that too so we can give you credit.

Current Obama Inauguration Photos online:

Huffington Post has some of the early footage of Obama Inauguration.

NYTimes has a collage of photos you can check out.

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