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AT&T Kills Unlimited Data for iPhone/iPads and Why You Should Switch NOW before it’s too late!

I knew these B-tards(AT&T) were up to no good when they first started out as Cingular, they kept sending me a bill for a quarter.  Of course, I didn’t pay because I knew it cost them 29 cents for postage to send me bills every month.

Anyways, AT&T = evil, a company that offers dropped calls, bad 3G data service, and now finally the first company to introduce new data plans to millions of people who’ve already purchased “unlimited” data plans when they bought the phone.

I know, maybe it’s written in the contract but COME ON!  What

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Comcast Hack – How to Fix Your Comcast Cable Internet Access!

No more Comcast internet access?

Is your comcast box asking you to install installation software again?

Yes, it’s true, my comcast box has been asking me to re-install comcast.

There’s a couple ways to fix the problem.

First, try the technician method, choose the technician, then enter your Comcast customer ID.  Just get through the setup, point your DNS servers at OpenDNS or Google DNS, and voila, your internet should start w

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DNS Hack – How to Make Your Internet Faster with Google Chrome and Google DNS!

I am sure many of you are using Google’s Chrome browser already and even Google DNS for the fastest internet access.

Google DNS probably are much faster over your ISP’s DNS.   To use Google DNS, you simply need to point your DNS server addresses to “” or “” in your network settings.  Above is shown for Windows 7 but it should be fairly similar on Ubuntu and Mac.

Oh yeah, you can do it for your wifi devices too if you’d like.

*Note – If you are U

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USB Hack – How to Make a CPU/Hard drive/Memory/Network Monitoring Device!

For those of you running highly-intensive game servers or even web servers, here’s a really interesting device that will let you monitor CPU, hard drive, memory, and network usage through an analog meter. Of course, I don’t think it would be too hard to add a digital LCD instead, probably even more accurate that way.

This is a fantastic project for anyone who wants to build one, there’s free C# code and schematics provided.

The USB Performance monitor is a PIC18F2550 based

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AT&T Problems Pointed Out by New York Times!

The other day I told you some solid reasons why you should boycott AT&T like me since 2006, well I just found some facts to prove my point including writer on New York Times saying AT&T is simply SLOW:

I LOVE my iPhone. I just wish it were matched with Verizon Wireless, the carrier with the most envied reputation as fast, ubiquitous, reliable, nigh perfect.

Also noted by BoingBoi

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Ethernet DIY – How to Make an Ethernet-Enabled Cat Feeder!

Personally, I have worked with many cool ethernet projects and by quick look, this one is pretty complicated yet will let you feed your cat over the internet, no matter where you are. (even if you are in China!)

The author uses a hacked Cisco router and some custom-hacked circuit to feed his cat plus added some video monitoring system:

These included i) being suitable for two cats i.e. not having to use the same bowl (or having to buy two of the same product, particularly if they’re expensive), ii) delivering fo

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Network DIY – How to Make an RJ-45 Ethernet Cable Tester!

As a self-claimed network technician, I did a whole 5,000 square foot building with Ethernet Cat-6 cables almost 8 years ago.  Well, since then I am glad I never had to use an ethernet cable tester but for those of you looking to save some money on this RJ-45 cable tester, you can make your own.

We are going to make DIY RJ45 Cable tester for incredible cheap.As you know cable testers are really expensive insturments and for people who always works wi

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Internet Broadband Speeds and Costs around the World!

Check out this chart that shows average internet broadband speeds and costs around the world where the US falling a lot behind.  Like I said in previous posts, we really need something happening, this is just way too slow, nevermind the cost. via gizmodo

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Broadband Still Lacking in the U.S.!

I have to admit, my Comcast cable DSL is pretty darn fast, fast enough for me to get things done but it’s never fast enough as the fiber-optic networked 300Mbps that virtually every household in South Korea is getting.

Every year, I talk to one of my friends in South Korea.   3 years ago, I asked my friend, “so, how fast is your internet now?”  He replies, “I get 100Mbps at my apartment, they’ve got fiber-optics connected to the central network in Seoul.”

Couple days ago, I asked my friend again the same question, he replies, “I get

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What is HDMI and What is DHCP?

LOL, I got these 2 questions from one of my Laptop Blog readers:

“What is HDMI”

“What is DHCP?”

Well, since I am a nice guy, I figured I’d helping in my simple language but here’s my definition of them for all of you readers who don’t know:

“What is HDMI”

HDMI is the adaptor that lets you connect your laptop/computer to an HD LCD TV digitally, about 100 times better quality than something like SVIDEO.   Plus, you can also transfer audio through the same cable so you don’t need 3 cables like back in the

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