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SEE What is Inside the FBI GPS Tracking Device!

It’s probably fair to assume that FBI hires the best hackers of the world, and also fair to assume that they probably hire a lot of hackers (who’ve been caught) in return for freedom instead of jail.

Anyways, it’s easy to say that FBI does have these highly sophisticated equipment but have you actually seen one in real life?

If not that’s okay too because the photos posted here and at iFixIt show you exactly that, the inside working of a real FBI GPS tracking device. T

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Navigon Launches MobileNavigator for Android!

Navigon just launched MobileNavigator for Android. This will be certainly one of the best GPS navigation apps out there as I’ve seen a demo of Navigon’s latest innovations at the last CTIA couple weeks back.

For those of you who want something a bit better than GoogleMaps with added “live camera view” among many other cool features, you can try the Navigon MobileNavigator for about $39 on the Market.

Here’s some screenshots:

(As you can see, the Navigon also pinpoints all the red light cameras.)

(Reality scanner is v

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Garmin Nuvi Sale! [DealMax]

The other day I was flying back from Las Vegas to San Francisco, there was this guy who was all “excited” about his new Garmin Nuvi GPS that he had just bought.  The flight attendant even commented that this guy was indeed rather too excited.

But then again, I remember my dad buying his first Garmin GPS couple months back, he was all excited like he had just bought the biggest gadget toy in his life.

I guess GPS are still needed although I find them completely useless in my life as I use Google Navigation with a multitude of Android smartphones.


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DIY Secret GPS Box Opens at Target GPS Location!

Here’s a really cool device, a DIY secret GPS box that opens only when the subject holding the device is at the target GPS location.  This might be a great way to keep secrets.

Like any other GeoCache it is a box that is linked to a certain coordinate on earth. The challenge is to find this coordinate, in order to access the contents of the box.

via hackedgadgets, [Project Page]

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DIY Arduino-based Balloon GPS Tracking Device!

Some of you may have seen The Balloon Project, where these guys set off balloons with a camera attached to get an overhead view of San Francisco city.  Well, those guys used bikes and radio transmitters to track down their balloon in the sky but there’s actually a better way to do it, use a Google Latitude-enabled Android phone such as Nexus One or even make your own DIY Arduino-based balloon GPS-tracking device.

I think this project has some merits if you ca

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BlackFriday Garmin Nuvi GPS Deals!

Here’s a quick heads up on blackfriday/cybermonday GPS deals from (valid from now till 11/30 or while supplies last)

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PhantomAlert Give you “Wings” Above the Law, Cops, and DUI!


Today, I had the pleasure of  talking to Joseph Scott, CEO of over at CJ University Event in Santa Barbara.   What impressed me the most wasn’t his products but his friendliness, I really like friendly people. 🙂  I think when you pitch a product to  bloggers, all you gotta do really is “be a nice guy”, Joseph is a perfect example.  (Thanks again for your friendship, I highly appreciated.)

Anyways, Joseph’s PhantomAlert isn’t just a

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Zoombak GPS Tracking Device!

If you have a Palm Pre, don’t forget to read my DIY on how to make it into a GPS/Twittering device.  Now, if you don’t have a  Palm, you might be happy to learn that there are cheaper options out there such as this Zoombak GPS tracking device, which will allow you to track your car and family.

At about $130, this is much cheaper

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GPS Hack – How to Never Lose Your Child through GPS Tracking!

These days, there’s no reason to ever “lose” your child, especially with the number of GPS tracking devices out there today.

I was doing more research for my Palm Pre’s GPS tracking system on Twitter and found out that AmberAlert has just launched its hand-sized GPS tracking system GPS 2G, specifically for tracking your kids.

It’s rather pricey at $379.99 for one of these devices and $9.99/month for the most basic tracking but I think this could be the best investme

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Palm Pre Hack – How to “Tweet” Your Palm Pre’s GPS Location to Twitter!

Well, I digged a bit further with my Palm Pre GoogleMaps GPS tracking app and made a new app that will track your Palm Pre’s GPS location via Twitter.

This is a better way to keeping a record of where you have been traveling in the past with your Palm Pre.

Here’s a screenshot of my latest update @trackmypalmpre

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