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Palm Pre Hack – How To Tether USB Modem out of your Palm Pre!


Well, I’ve gone a little Palm Pre crazy over the weekend, using it as my new WiFi Hotspot.  It turns out the My Tether app I used yesterday also has USB tethering capabilities.

To my surprise, the USB tethering worked beautifully, you can read up o

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Palm Pre Hack – How to Make Your Palm Pre into a Wireless Router/HotSpot!


Palm Pre has been literally “awesome” in the last couple days that I’ve had it.

I love this new touchscreen phone so much that I even registered a domain name for it called on the night I bought the Palm Pre.

Well, it turns out that my $199 investment on the Palm Pre has paid off already as I have figured out how to make it into a wireless router already.


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Palm Pre DIY Tips – How to Use Touch Gestures on the Palm Pre!

Well, I have been doing a lot of fiddling with my new smartphone Palm Pre.

Since I don’t like reading instructions when I do things and try to figure things out myself, I didn’t even realize the full potential of the Palm Pre on my first day.

UPDATE: Palm Pre now available on Amazon!

I decided to swallow my DIY-ego and read the instructions today.  Well, it turns out there’s more apps on the Palm Pre than I imagined after learning that apps also exists laterally, not jus

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Netbook Hack – How to Hack a USB Port into your Netbook Battery!

I don’t think this hack is practical for most people as netbooks can charge your USB gadgets anyways but for those of you who get stuck in an island somehow and end up with a netbook battery and your cellphone dies, you can use this netbook hack that shows you how to hack a USB port into a netbook battery

.  Boy, that was a long sentence…okay i know it’s a run-on sentence with 2 ands….

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Photography Hack – How to Make a Tilt-Shift Lens!

Are you a serious photography-junkie?  Well, if you are, you are in luck as you can learn how to make a cool tilt-shift lens for about $22.

Plungercam 2 keeps in the spirit of the original plungercam by using cheap plumbing equipment and affixing it to precision optics. This iteration eliminates the need for glue altogether, so all the optical components can be easily taken out and re-used elsewhere.

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Call Center Hack – How to Get Service From Phone Company Call Centers!

Hahaha, here’s an interesting blog post I started to write and forgot about it for couple weeks: (It’s a wonder what a difference a week makes you feel about things.  Just take it slow.)

LMAO Oscar Saved My Ass From AT&T Call Centers!

The most interesting thing came about today, I called AT&T THREE TIMES and navigated through their menus to reach call center in India once, then another woman over in the States, then to Oscar solved my problems of not being able to recover my registration info for the new router.

Seriously, I called AT&T 3 TIMES

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Body DIY – How to Make Natural Deodorant!


With the world moving full-speed towards more organic and natural products, you MUST learn to make your own natural deodorant, just in case you end up in a country where they sell no deodorants.  FYI, I used to grow up in South Korea, they never had deodorants as far as I can remember.  I think they have some now but still most of the population does not even know why anyone would even put some stick on their armpits.  Don’t worry, when I came to the States 20+ years ago, I thought everyone was crazy.


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Auto DIY – How to Rotate Your Tires!

I started rotating my own tires when I was 17 years old with a crappy jack.  Of course, not knowing a thing about cars in my younger teen years, I probably used the wrong jack points.  Watch the video below to learn how to rotate your tires and also “where” to jack up your car so you don’t unknowingly mess up your car.

Rotating tires isn’t that hard, if you are actually paying money to someone to do this for you, you might reconsider doing it yourself in the future as the recession economy will reward you for that.

My #1 advice?

Get a proper

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iPhone DIY – How to Backup Your iPhone SMS and Contacts via SSH!

Here’s how to back up your iPhone SMS and contacts via SSH.  Of course, you will have to know how to SSH first.

How to save Contacts Database:

* SSH into the iPhone and go to /private/var/mobile/Library/AddressBook * you will find 2 files there. save them on your computer.

How to save Messages Database:

* SSH to your phone and go to /private/var/mobile/Library/SMS * Save sms.db on your computer

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BED DIY – How to Make a Bedside Shelf!


Here’s a great BED DIY illustrating methods of how to make a bedside shelf instead of sticking a wobbly bedside table.  I think this is a great space-saving idea.  Plus, if you have dogs/cats/babies, it will keep them out of reach.

Better Homes and Gardens has an easy step-by-step guide to build and install your very own bedside shelf. You will need:

Brackets (with keyhole anchors bored into the back faces)

Board (1-inch-x-12-inch-x-3-foot)



Tape measure


Electronic stud finder (optional)

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