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Rude Goldberg Machine from Office Equipment

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We like to think we know a thing or two about wasting time around the office, and we hope our cubicle-warrior readers do too (you are reading this now, aren’t you?). But these guys one-upped all of us and raided the office supply storage closet to make a pretty bitchin’ Rude Goldberg machine. What’s the deal with the toy bowling pins, though? Got kids running around the office?


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DIY Hack – Intel 8008 clock

Here’s a neat little project if you just signed up for an embedded computer class at your university…

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Well my knowledge in the field of physics is limited so I won’t even try to give my explanation.  Please feel free to leave comments if you have any theories.  


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Advanced Acrobatic Robot from Robonova sells at Hammacher Schlemmer for $1200

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Wow, I just got my Hammacher Schlemmer catalog and found this robot for $1200, hmmm, maybe they can send me a sample… Nice complete servo robot to get started with.

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Building The BRAT – entry level bipedal robot

Cool looking bipedal robot you can get started,

Our pals at ROBOT magazine have a -great- review and photos of this new/low-cost bi-ped robot, the BRAT – “This pictorial shows the assembly of Lynxmotion’s,, new BRAT, an entry level bipedal robot that is a milestone robot. With a starting price of less than $300, BRAT offers an affordable yet sophisticated entry into the humanoid robotics field. Use Lynxmotion’s powerful sequencing software and you wil

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Cool High-tech whiteboard for your school from MIT

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Yes, we need this whiteboard, can anyone make a DIY on it?

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Open Flame Physics Experiment, Ruben’s Tube

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This Ruben’s Tube will mimik your music with sine wave fireworks…awesome!

Watch standing waves being seen as open flames…

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Ian Jukes Talks About The Role of Technology in Education

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Ian talks about how technology is changing the way students learn, which is changing rapidly like every year!

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Mustang Hovercraft

[gv data=”PJ-CPeDLK24″][/gv] Yes, seems like a multi-passenger hovercraft here…

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Talking Paper!

Just in case you get tired of holding the book up…

This paper also has the capability to record, but with the price being around $10.65 US per sheet. You probably won’t see many of these around.

Now the picture on the far right is another type of paper. Images are displayed by electrically charging a special ink that is placed between two sheets of film. Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd. has successfully developed a process to determine unique fingerprints each sheet of paper possesses

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