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DIY HACK – Lucid Dreaming Mask

I’ve always read books about how to lucid dream. Actually the best instruction I’ve found was the advice to watch your hand before you goto sleep and tell yourself, “am i dreaming?”. The book I read suggests that if I get in the habit of doing this, I will eventually ask myself that while I am dreaming. Also you can self-hypnotize yourself to wake when you are dreaming…


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DIY – How to Make Christmas Light controller in 5 minutes!


Okay, today we are going try to build a computer controlled Christmas Lights in 5 minutes. I’ve been rolling around the neighborhood this late November and some people already have their Christmas lights decorated.

Well I

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Looking back at Zedomax DIYs

Here’s a look back at some of our cool and idiotic DIYs. Maybe you can digg up some ideas for the winter holidays:

OR you can goto this link to view in pictures:

(Come to think of it, we could probably hack some of our DIYs together and make a Nintendo Wii wireless controller)


Automatic Pilot Helicopters – MIT profs create autonomous UAVs

The MIT Team is using DraganFlyer helicopters, Gentoo Linux,

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Can resist this, Resistor Man!

You can’t miss the resistor man! (Could we hack it so resistor man moves, Garrett?)


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What is Nanotechnology? Plus: EPA to Regulate Nanoproducts Sold As Germ-Killing

Getting back to some serious side of technology, we will randomly dive into nanotechnology.

What is nanotechnology?

Here’s a good Google video on nanotechnology explaining what it is:

[gv data=”” width=”670″ height=”400″][/gv]

The Environmental Protection Agency has decided to regulate a large class of consumer items made with microscopic “nanoparticles” of silver, part of a new but increasingly widespread technology that may pose una

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DIY HACK – PIC based Serial Controlled RGB LED PWM Driver

[gv data=”aCKJI8XaRrc”][/gv]

Cool little LED control using PWM of PIC.

If you want to play around with some LEDs, why not hook them up to some brains (a PIC

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T-ray Camera

A fully clothed man imaged by a QinetiQ millimetric wave camera. Note the concealed gun. T-ray cameras are said to be similar but more powerful.

Here’s a little explanation on what a T-Ray exactly is. T-Ray or Terahertz radiation are electromagnetic waves sent at terahertz frequencies which travel in line o

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Water Bubble Sphere made!

[gv data=”zaHLwla2WiI”][/gv]

According to the speaker on video, puffs of air radially are directed at the water to make this water sphere as big as the author’s head. Very interesting to note, this might have some good uses, such as allowing your pet fish to travel with you in a bubble. How is that for a future gadget?  Please leave comments for any thoughts for future gadget uses for this. via techeblog

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DIY Video – Soda Powered Rocket

[gv data=”Zaq2Wb8XukA”][/gv]

Watch as the soda powered rocket launches 500 ft in the air!

Full Story via Hackedgadgets 

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