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HOWTO Solder – The basics of soldering, photo gallery

If you are trying to make any one of our Christmas DIYs including the ones below, you will need to learn to solder. Soldering is not really complicated, you just stick a little bit of Lead to the soldering tool and that’s pretty much it but here are some pictures to do it the “text-book” way.

EPE Magazine has a good gallery and te

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Cool Video – Brain Controlled Robot

[gv data=”i35HCT8yDSU”][/gv]

I’ve played golf with a guy who says the next generation of computers will be organic, he was some important guy of technology firm in Silicon Valley. Here’s something that’s very similar to that.  Also see wikipedia’s organic computing.

Researchers at the University of Washington have unveiled a “brain-controlled” robot — basically uses “an electrode cap (a non-invasive tool generating a noisy signal), mental powers commanded

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HACK – Laser Pointer Control

[gv data=”” width=”670″ height=”400″][/gv]

Wow, here’s some really cool laser pointer control. Sorta like your PDA device except you can point it anywhere with your laser pointer.

After I linked his basic laser pointer webcam interface the other day, [mnt] sent me this excellent demo

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DIY HACK – More LED Christmas Trees!

[gv data=”7VvuOF2dLx4″][/gv]

Don Stratton at Atomic Fireballs has improved on our Christmas tree with structural designs! Although his tree does not do a POV like ours We gives him two thumbs up for the nice pine tree structure.

About 2 weeks later MAKE Magazine’s RSS feed had a headline about

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DIY HACK – How to increase your internet speed

Cool…hack comcast now!

I found an article at, which suggested moving the router away from the modem, and that line noise can cause significant slowdowns. I didn

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DIY HACK – How to etch solder paste stencils at home

Here’s a cool little instructable on how to etch solder paste stencils at home. I have been researching for home-made PCBs lately as Garrett’s always talking about it. Anyway, we can refer to this when we make some custom boards.

“Digg user bonlebon’s got some nice diggs!”

via bonlebon via

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DIY HACK – Design your own robotic hand

Here’s a nice vector art CNC tutorial on robotic hand design by Ben!

For today’s How-To we’re going to go through the process of designing a somewhat complex item that can be cut with a standard 3 axis homebuilt CNC machine: a jointed “robotic hand”. This requires several design methods drawn in multiple vi

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DIY HACK – Kits and Casemods: Laser tag MP3 player, Dinosaur USB charger!

[gv data=”PZjMX3zBxBs”][/gv]

Here’s a cool laser tag DIY on the Daisy MP3 Player we are going to hack in the near future… Bre gives us good insights on what kind of modding to think about and also great sources for mod such as the Goodwill and some funky stores..

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DIY – Make your own bed using UPS or FedEX Boxes

I have been thinking about making a bed at my workplace recently. I think this would be a good solution!

A new bed for $10 in 5 minutes.

Having blown $300 on a mattress, I wasn’t about to blow another $300 on a bed frame or box springs. I had all these archive boxes that I used for moving, so here’s a cheap-ass substitute.

Its as strong as a regular bed, environmentall

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PC Junk Christmas Wreath!

Here’s a nice way to dispose your junk this Christmas. via

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