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iPhone DIY – How to Make an iPhone Case from Bike Tubes!

Although I rather buy an iPhone case, you can make one of these Poor Man’s iPhone Case by following this DIY on how to make an iPhone case from bike tubes.

Here are 3 designs I’ve made for housing your iphone in scrap bike tires / tubes. Pls comment with a picture if you make a different version!

via make

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Flashlight Hack – How to Power your Gadgets Using a Crank Flashlight!


Here’s another great hack by KipKay on how to power your gadgets using a crank flashlight.

Very innovative and green indeed, great knowing this before a natural disaster of some sort.

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Today On Keetsa!

Yes, Keetsa has been posting TONS of eco-friendly related stuff and we are here to cover that too:


For all you LOLcat-lovers, you might want to check out the DIY Cat Scratcher for your furry friends.  Also check out animal-friendly vegan hiking shoes that might be worth your time.


Here’s a

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DIY – How to Make Paper at Home!

One of the most fun things you can do is to make paper from scratch at home.

Here’s a great site that covers everything from history of papers to how to make one yourself.

And check these out too:

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Lamp DIY – How to Make a Wine Bottle LED Lamp!

Here’s a really cool DIY showing you how to make a wine bottle LED lamp!  The cool thing here is the idea, that you can recycle your own empty wine bottles with some LEDs and power to illuminate your livingroom.

Great stuff.

A simple lamp using an old win bottle and a string of Christmas lights. A great gift idea.

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Top 10 Re-cap of Green Technology!

Well, there’s been a LOT going on in the world making our technology more green and here’s a slew of green technology you will love that I handpicked from our green blog Keetsa:

Wishbone Bike is a green bike that can be adjusted for 2 different heights, perfect for your toddler.

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New Years in New York will be Powered by Pedals!

(Image Credit)

New Years event in New York City Times Square “next” year, will be powered in part by pedals by humans.

How cool is that?  Save earth.

Duracell has set up a “power lodge” in Times Square where visitors are ushered to a row of bicycles with generators connected to a set of massive batteries.

So far the project has collected 95 hours of pedal powe

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Spy DIY – How to set up a wireless spy camera

So, if you have a wireless camera and a tv, you too can spy on your friends. Check out this easy how to:

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Christmas DIY – How to make ornaments out of old lightbulbs

So, you might have a bunch of old light bulbs around needing to be recycled. But just in time for Christmas, I’ve found this video that show syou haw to recycle those old bulbs into great decorations for the holidays.

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Christmas DIY – How to make ornaments from old teacups

Hey, this is a great Christmas idea, plus it’s good for the Earth. You can make a Christmas ornament out of old teacups, and it’s totally easy. Just make sure you take the kittens out first. Ha ha. But you could even go down to Goodwill and pick up some used ones, just for this.

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